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Just as interesting as this term seems, it is equally vast and exciting for the candidates who are looking forward to building a career in microbiology. We are offering a higher learning and progressive program of B. Sc. in Medical Microbiology that deals in the study of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites which are of medical importance and are capable of causing diseases in human beings. The course structure is designed in a manner that covers in-depth knowledge of the properties of microorganisms and their impact on mankind. The students are also taught about the different characteristics of pathogens and how infections develop and spread.

The successful completion of our three-years degree program in medical microbiology develops our students as professionals who possess solid academic, scientific and practical knowledge of the field. These individuals are usually proactive and decisive and strongly believe that every service to the community must be done on moral and ethical grounds. These experts most of the time take up a master’s program in microbiology and might also choose to pursue their Ph. Ds. They even get opportunities to serve in clinical laboratories, hospitals, food production companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, companies in the medical industry, veterinary laboratories, and medical school or university-affiliated teaching hospitals.

Course type : Bachelor Degree
Duration : 3 years + 6/one year internship
Eligibility : 10+2 with min. 45% marks in PCB
Seat : 30
Affiliation : HNB Uttarakhand Medical Education University HNB Garhwal Central University

Below mentioned are a few exciting job roles for the graduates:

Microbiology Technicians
Assistant Microbiologists
Biomedical scientists
Mycologists, Virologists
Protozoologist, Parasitologist
Biochemists, Immunologists
Medical Research Technicians
Assistants in the immunology or Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
Analysts, Science Writer
Microbiologists, Teachers
Cell Biologists

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