Hostel & Residences

Campus residential facilities are available for students, faculty and staff. Each hostel has facilities like daily newspaper, telephone, common room with television sets etc.


For better personality development we have large auditorium to accommodate an audience which is well furnished ,soundproof, with latest theater facilities which facilitate students by increasing their confidence and reducing stage fear.With a state-of-the-art auditorium in place, students have the right platform to present a variety of thoughts, ideas, emotions & performances and create suitable settings.


CARE also offers transportation facilities to students and staff to commute from hostel  to the campus and back.


For every minute you remain angry you gave up 60 sec. in this deep greenery nature which has wear no. of colors where students can move outside outside the classroom can groom study and discuss everything.

Account Office

A good accountant office where professionals performing accounting  work.

Director Office

Main administering center for company and organization.

Class Room

CARE college provides you a well spacious and modernized classrooms , reading rooms and discussion facilities of OHP, MULTIMEDIA ,LCD etc.

Computer Lab

CARE has almost 25+computers with latest software and wifi network that keeps our students updated with latest knowledge in Nursing Profession.


CARE has a team of well educated , experienced and highly qualified faculty members who are masters in their own subjects and also they share their experiences with students so that teaching learning become happy exercise.

Recording Room

For better understanding and creative experiences CARE college also have a corner of well equipped recording room where teachers tend to record their lectures for grooming teaching and learning process.


Which is a curative source of collection of information where CARE college also gives you well defined library which is issued according to the syllabus provided by INC /university ,where you can bother, return and issue nursing books in Indian as well as foreign authors.


This lab is organized to learn basic and critical nursing care with the help of models and procedures where students of all batches learn basic procedures like B.P , TPR . CPR, BEDMAKING, INJECTIONS.


Which gives information regarding body structure , their function and locations.


This lab tends to provide information about how care has to be given at door to door level where you can learn about PHCs, CHCs and various communicable diseases.


Lab that serves children and their diseases where you learn about diseases and treatment of children from newborn till adolescent.


For providing comprehensive care to mothers we have OBG lab where you deal with pregnant women’s  and their new born child.


To prepare different types of normal and therapeutic diet according to principles of food preparation to the patient we have nutrition lab for practicing different diet for the patient.

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